Guide To Choosing The Best Genre For Your Game

Charles Brant


Learn How To Choose What Kind Of Game Should You Make

Whether game will be played or forgotten depends on its type. I wanted to code games ever since I was young but I never knew what kind. Being passionate about programming games but not about any particular genre could only mean my imagination was limited. Years later my attitude changed. Now not only I want to make games for the sake of it, but also because of my fascinating (at least to me) ideas. I have so many of them that I don’t know which game should I make first. So what’s my secret to choosing a good genre?

How To Choose Genre For Your Game

The answer is easier than you think. First of all, you shouldn’t think about genres. Because thinking about existing patterns will only limit you. There’s absolute zero need on the market to create just another game that’s exactly like GTA 3 or like Diablo 1.

Step 1: Start Thinking Outside Of Categories

You need to get out of this mindset. Creating another “game like GTA 3” just won’t entertain anyone, and especially not you. This is good that you liked GTA 3 in the past, but you certainly shouldn’t limit yourself with the games you know.

What if you changed the gameplay of GTA completely, and instead of being a gangster in city, you would be an air pirate? Wouldn’t capturing airplanes in the air and running from air police be much more interesting?

Step 2: List The Best Games You’ve Played

Or rather, think of the games that addicted you for some time. If you feel like you weren’t addicted to video gaming at all, then just think of games that you played for few weeks at least. Do you have a list? Great, on to the next step.

Step 3: Borrow The Best From Each Game

In previous step you made a list. Now, try to remember what gameplay features you loved the most. Perhaps it was stealing cars, running from police, or the fact that cars could get damaged and explode.

Step 4: Mix Best Gameplay Mechanics

You don’t only have a list of best games, but also a list of best gameplay mechanics. Now it’s time for you to mix them.

To me, I loved exploration aspect in one game, submarines in another, and getting levels by killing ancient and fantasy creatures like minotaurs in the last game I played. So what would happen if we were to connect these features?

If we mixed these three core gameplay mechanics we would get absolutely new game type – a world undersea where you have to travel with small submarines and combat ancient creatures to get better items and ship parts. This is certainly unique idea, and even if players weren’t too interested in undersea world, they would probably love the aspect of upgrading their characters and submarines.

What Game Type Will You Choose?

Following this simple system, a lot of new game types and unique worlds can be made. If you don’t like what you just created in your mind, then simply repeat the process till you do.

If you ever played more than two MMO games you would realize that a lot of them are exactly the same, with different (but similar) character classes and graphic assets. And this is the last mistake that you want to make. Don’t just make another common game. Make something unique.

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