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Best Reddit Game Development Subs & Threads

The more scientists you gather in one place, the better inventions will be created. It’s the same with game development. And where do game programmers gather? They go to Reddit. They release real treasure for free, and in a place available publicly. But what if we inspired ourselves with some of their ideas, and used them in our game? Successful people follow great ideas, and you should too.

Reddit is absolutely great place where we can find alike minded game developers (and ton of other things). It’s a place where people help each other for free, where they argue, and most importantly where they brag about projects and achievements.

Reddit isn’t just a collection of interesting game design findings, it’s also a community. If you want to join a gamedev group, then check out this list of game development discord chats & forums, it contains 16 active forum boards and discord chat servers for people interested in making games, either in hobbyist manner or as professional gamedevs.

Game Development YouTube Channels List

This is wonderful post of even more wonderful poster – he asks for nothing, he doesn’t deceive, he just shares his work. Work and results can be of many forms. In his case, its massive compilation of game design YouTube channels.

Top Game Development Threads & Tutorials From Reddit 1

This is great if someone likes to watch videos. I don’t. However listening to them wouldn’t be a bad idea. What you can expect:

  • Tutorials, advice & free lecturing.
  • Analysis and reviews.
  • Current industry trends.

Steam Games Get Hate From 2000-Hour Gamers

This is exceptionally interesting. Steam customers who have as much as 300, 600, 900, and even 2000 hours spent in one game are leaving negative reviews!

Top Game Development Threads & Tutorials From Reddit 2

That’s because they’ve finally “burned out” or are “bored”. Well, no surprise Sherlock, you played for over 2000 hours… How many days is that? How can you do something for 2000 hours and still not be bored?

Of course there are exceptions, where you can do something your entire life if you really love it. But leaving negative review after you enjoyed their product for 2K hours? That’s insane.

Apple Deceived By Copycats & Removed Original

If you think your indie game is safe, think again. In this world, nothing is safe. Still in doubt? Ask this poster who created great game (that’s now quite popular) only for it to be banned from Apple Store so it’s Chinese clone can profit on his idea.

Top Game Development Threads & Tutorials From Reddit 3

Profit alone wasn’t enough. They made the effort to report original game to Apple (that probably required very long text full of false proofs, faked data and what else). And the original game was taken down from Apple Store instead.

Very Rare, Cute & Weird Gameplay Mechanics

The best thing about indie game design is that it unities the most creative people. People who want to create gather in one place, build what they always wanted but lacked tools, and post it online.

Top Game Development Threads & Tutorials From Reddit 4

And this is the result. I am not a fan of small cute creatures, however having such hook in human-based RPG… Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Creating Character Animations With Physics

One approach is to use free or paid animations packs from various sources. Other approach is to make a game… Without human? And other living creatures. In such case you wouldn’t need animations at all.

Top Game Development Threads & Tutorials From Reddit 5

And the most interesting approach is to create physics-based animations. Isn’t that just so damn flexible? Now you don’t need to bother about weird situations like when character’s in the air falling down, but somehow you got running animation turned on.

That’s super annoying. However with physics based animation, your character will be ready for every situation and you also can create other, limitless things with it.

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