Indie MMORPG Solo (#5 Month): Soft Release

Charles Brant


Sword Mouse Based Combat Between Player & NPC

By soft release, I mean the game is available to be played however it’s not yet finished. I just felt like showing it to others so I can get feedback quicker.

Indie MMORPG Solo (#5 Month): Soft Release 1

The game is about exploring unknown planets, fighting local dangers and other players, training not only your in-game character but also your own skills.

You can play the game for free in browser at

Indie MMORPG Solo (#5 Month): Soft Release 2


  • Game is not finished.
  • You can play for free in browser.
  • Original aim is Windows/Linux client.
  • Bugs will happen.
  • I accept suggestions :-).
  • Server may be off sometimes due to technical difficulties.

As you see, the game as in its current state is as unprofessional as it can be, yet I am releasing it to the world. Let’s see what will happen from now on!

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