Indie MMORPG Solo (#1 Month): The Beginning

Charles Brant


Sword Mouse Based Combat Between Player & NPC

So how was the progress of development in first month?

It was certainly challenging and teaching experience. However it didn’t go as smooth as I thought it would. Was I more experienced, I would have created more in less time, and did less mistakes.

Things that slowed me the most were:

  • Rewriting code.
  • Recreating whole systems.
  • Creating features, systems and code that will later need to be heavily changed or expanded.

If not these three things, I would have much more done, but I’m still satisfied of what I created. And that’s not an issue, especially if I’ll pay attention to these details in the future.

So why I’m satisfied? Not only have I learned how to organize, design and write my code better, I’ve also learned more of Unity and Unity API, and most importantly I’ve made significant progress on my game.

Currently there are few systems, each system has few scripts and other assets. Each system is modular and more or less work on their own, as in, if you took away player system, and assigned inventory system to empty cube instead of now-gone-player-object, it would still work.

Other good thing about creating such modular and isolated systems is that it’s easier to edit them and expand, e.g. inventory files will be in only in inventory folder, so if you want to change some inventory settings, all of files with code that you need are just in one place.

The systems I created, although not finished, are:

  • Authorization.
  • Player.
  • Enemy.
  • Inventory.
  • Movement.
  • Combat.

Here’s how the game looks for now:

Indie MMORPG Solo (#1 Month): The Beginning 1

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