Creating Indie MMO On My Own: Progress Roadmap

Charles Brant


Follow The Progress Of My Indie MMORPG

It’s general wisdom to never make MMO games alone. This is true, you generally shouldn’t do it. However, MMOs are my favorite games (and probably not only mine), so I’m going to give it a try.

Progress Roadmap

MMOs are huge thing, and trying to create all its features from the start is impossible. That’s why I’ve decided to make a list of the most important things that the game will need.


Features related directly to the gameplay.

  • Movement (90%) – running, jumping, falling, standing up, dying, and the like.
  • Items (20%) – armors, weapons, consumables and currency.
  • Combat (40%) – dynamic mouse-steered combat system.
  • World (20%) – level design of first planet.
  • Enemies (20%) – fight enemies with mouse-steered swordsmanship, block their attacks with shield or weapon, or just kill them ASAP, currently only way to get better items is to kill better enemies.


Gameplay features that mainly revolve around user interface (e.g. windows, panels, stats).

  • Authorization (90%) – login and register panel.
  • Inventory (90%) – drag and drop inventory system.
  • Equipment (90%) – equipment window connected with inventory.
  • Character Creation (0%) – create custom OP builds with unique character traits, stats and skills, plan your build even before character creation for the best effects.
  • Character Progress (0%) – increase character stats every level, getting bigger total HP, and the like.

Later Features

Features that I would like to implement but most likely won’t be a part of first published versions or, depending on public interest in the game, may not be implemented at all.

  • Trade (0%) – trade with both players and NPCs, for now you can just trade by dropping the items and currency on the ground for the other person to pick up, and yes, you can get cheated on this way…
  • Crafting (0%) – learn crafting professions and create equipment, every profession will have monetary and character requirements, e.g. learning Armorer profession would cost you some currency and require a skill in fixing things at huge level.
  • Mining (0%) explore planets to mine and collect resources that will be used to build ships and character equipment.
  • Upgrading (0%) – upgrade existing equipment with the materials you’ve found. Can also upgrade ship parts this way, e.g. ship cannons, ship walls, and so on.
  • Sky ships (0%) – build sky ships with gathered materials to enter the cosmos and explore further planets, but beware of space pirates.
  • Quests (0%) – every MMORPG has quests, but I haven’t yet decided how quests will work, because doing it in traditional way could bore the player.
  • Skills (0%) – level up swordsmanship by using a sword. After further thinking I may or may not implement this.
  • Extended NPC (0%) – extended versions of enemies currently existing in game. Currently game has only simple enemies, but with time I would like to make them smarter and more challenging, and to implement traders and other kind of NPCs, like slaves, patrols, guards or space pirates.

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