Indie MMORPG Solo (#2 Month): First Mechanics

Charles Brant


Sword Mouse Based Combat Between Player & NPC

Second month of development brought many upgrades of existing systems, as well as completely new systems:

  • Interface Inventory.
  • Physical Inventory.
  • Manual Combat.
  • Smooth Movement.
  • Networking.
  • Item System.

Indie MMORPG Solo (#2 Month): First Mechanics 1

So what are physical slots? When I said that I upgraded both Interface Inventory (as in window) and Physical Inventory (as in physical slots for items on player body) I had mouse steered swordsmanship in mind.

In total there are 6 physical slots:

Indie MMORPG Solo (#2 Month): First Mechanics 2

One slot on each hand for weapons and shields. Two slots on back so you can switch weapons or put them away when entering a guarded city (though that’s a feature that will not be implemented for long time). Also two slots for armor parts.

Indie MMORPG Solo (#2 Month): First Mechanics 3

The inventory is huge enough to collect a lot of stuff, minerals, resources, that will be used for crafting or building:

Indie MMORPG Solo (#2 Month): First Mechanics 4

And most importantly, this is how hands (and so, weapons) will be steered:

Indie MMORPG Solo (#2 Month): First Mechanics 5

Both in-game hands can be steered with just one real-life hand (and with mouse).

The combat system will be one of main features of this game and therefore had many tweaks and will have more in the future.

PVE will be based more on the difference in stats and power of both Enemy and Player (at least in first versions), however PVP will be much more based on player skill.

What I mean by that is that you will be able to win vs players with much higher levels than you using your polished mouse-steered swordsmanship skills (and a fast mouse too).

What stopped me the most? Networking, cleaning code and discovering new coding styles, then forcing it on old code. Better to just stick with one programming style.

In next month I’ll be putting it all together and making sure everything works correctly, and then I’ll start adding few more features like player statistics and leveling.

After that maybe it will be time to release it? The initial version, at least (which by the way, will be free to play).

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