Chapter 1: Getting Godot

Charles Brant


How To Download Godot

In this lesson you will learn how to download Godot.

Step 1: Go To Godot Site & Choose OS

Go to download section of GodotEngine and choose your OS:

Chapter 1: Getting Godot 1

Step 2: Locate Standard Version

In my case its Windows. Now download Standard version. Mono version supports C#, and Standard version supports GDScript. Unfortunately C# support is not complete and documentation contains examples in GDScript only, so go with Standard:

Chapter 1: Getting Godot 2

Step 3: Determine If 64 Or 32

If you don’t know whether you have 64 or 32 system, then go to your first local disk, usually its C:

Chapter 1: Getting Godot 3

Now if you have only one Program Files folder, then you have 32 system. If there are two Program Files folders, then its 64:

Chapter 1: Getting Godot 4

Step 4: Download Accordingly

So download proper Godot version accordingly, in my case it’s 64:

Chapter 1: Getting Godot 5

Step 5: Put Godot On Desktop & Rename

After download, open the zipped folder and put the executable file on your Desktop. Rename it to “Godot Engine” or “Godot” if you prefer short names:

Chapter 1: Getting Godot 6

That’s it! Done. Godot doesn’t have to install. Opening this file will open the engine.

Chapter 2: Creating Project

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