Making A Game In Godot: List Of Best Guides Available

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Making A Game In Godot: List Of Best Guides Available 1

Knock. Who’s there? It’s Godot, the first mainstream 2D-3D game engine that is actually completely free. Other engines can be used for free as well but at some point you have to pay royalties (small fees). If you make your game in Godot, 100% of profit is yours (except taxes of course). And it’s also completely open source – you can edit engine code and make it suit your game.

For most of us, Godot is new game engine, however, it’s actually not that new, it’s been here since 2014, but we heard about it only recently because it suddenly went viral in last years in channels like Reddit. So what’s the truth, is Godot a good game engine? Can you make successful game in it? Keep reading, or skip to the list of best Godot tutorials and resources.

Game engines are not for everyone. If you don’t like engines, then consider using Python. In Python you make games using popular frameworks and libraries instead of engines (because such don’t exist). So if you don’t need the functionality that engines provide and just want to make something small, check out this tutorial about how to make a game in Python. There are also other languages without engines that you might want to try, like Java.

Why Gamedevs Use Godot

Godot is mainly loved by indie game designers who can’t decide between Unity and Unreal Engine 4. Major reasons to use it are C++ & C# support, Linux support, full open-source’ness, 2D & 3D support.

However, the absolute major reason behind choosing Godot is the fact that it’s free. And not free as in “you only pay small percent once you start selling games” but free as in “it’s free completely and you don’t have to pay anything”.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Godot

It’s certainly a good reason. But the truth is, Godot is still far behind Unity and Unreal Engine 4, and there was not yet single successful game made in it. It’s true that you don’t have to pay royalties when you start selling games, but truth is, if not with money, then you will pay with something else.

In case of Godot, you’re paying with using tool of smaller caliber, that offers less functionality, is less documented, less tested by community, there are less tutorials and guides because these mainly come from community, and Godot’s community… Is small. Performance and graphics are also nowhere near UE4 and Unity. Godot is just not involved in their race yet.

List Of Best Godot Tutorials

If you for some reason want to use Godot regardless, then I won’t stop you. We all have tastes and preferences, and sometimes we feel better using tools other than mainstream choices. And not everyone of us want to make successful game, some prefer smaller caliber instead.

Godot Documentation

Official documentation is the first place you should go to if you want to learn Godot. It’s written specifically in a way so beginners can understand.

Reddit Thread

This Reddit thread contains a lot (like really a lot) of Godot resources – videos, tutorials, guides, and so on. It’s also updated from time to time.

GameFromScratch’s Tutorial

GameFromScratch has really huge and detailed Godot tutorial that covers everything you may ever need in your game.


If you prefer videos than text, then GDQuest has huge collection of them.

Godot Alternatives

If you decided Godot is not for you, then you should certainly check out Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. These game engines are well documented and are considered best choices for both indie devs and professionals.

In the end, if you don’t want to sell your game, it doesn’t really matter what game engine you use, but if you want to, then either stick with Unity or Unreal. They will make things much easier.

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