Making A Video Game In Python – List Of Top Pygame Guides

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How To Make A Video Game In Python: Tutorials

What if you could code games in interpreted language such as Python? Would that be good idea? Certainly you will test game changes faster than in case of compiled language. However, doing that without framework isn’t the best idea. Framework or library will provide necessary functions for developing games. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of best tutorials to Pygame – the most popular python library for making games.

Python is popular general-purpose programming language and especially recommended to beginners. People who code small games in it do it mainly for entertainment, however there are cases where games made in python became popular and successful.

It’s not recommended to make games in Python if you are serious about game design, because even the best Python frameworks and libraries for making games are nowhere close the functionality and easiness that best game engines provide.

However, if you for some reason decided to stay with Python regardless, and to code games in it as well, then here’s a list of best tutorials and resources about coding video games in it.

Python doesn’t have any game engines, and therefore this list contains links to best guides to frameworks and libraries. However, you may want to go one step further and consider game engine? Godot is relatively new engine that supports C++, C# and more, it’s free, open source and can make both 2D and 3D games. Check out this guide about how to make a game in Godot – and if you don’t like it, there are also other game engines.

How To Make A Game In Python

Usually people make games in Python using it’s most popular and easiest library – PyGame.


RayWenderlich is site with many tutorials targeted especially at beginners. And here‘s their detailed tutorial for creating a game in Python using PyGame library.

Python Wiki

Official Python’s wiki contains a game design category and it’s a list of best resources both free and paid.


PFB contains a lot of simple game mechanics explained and ready to copy.


EF contains very detailed tutorial that covers everything from installing Python till finishing game. It uses PyGame library.


InventWithPython has 10 well-made tutorials directed at creating simple 2D games in Python.

Is Python Good For Making Games?

As you can see, majority of games made in Python are simple 2D titles made for entertainment and not to sell. That’s because if you actually wanted to sell your game, there are better, more functional and bigger tools to do it, like Unity and Unreal Engine.

However, although not many, there are also huge, popular and successful games made in Python, e.g. World of Tanks. But realize that, a lot of money and teamwork was thrown at this game, and if same amount of work and effort was spend using proper game engine, perhaps in the latter case the game would be made sooner and would be better.

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