Creating A Game Without Libraries & Engines: List Of Top Guides

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Tutorial To Programming CMD Game From Zero

Everyone creates games in engines and libraries, but what if you wanted to code your game from scratch? Not only no one will force his style on you, but you’ll also learn a lot and your game will be entirely made by you, without the help of third party and sophisticated tools that make the task thousand times easier, at the cost of less control. This way you could even make an engine that cooperates with your game better than currently existing engines.

Should I Code A Game From Scratch?

Everyone who wants to get into game development, or doesn’t know coding should make at least one game from scratch, e.g. CMD game.

Reason 1: You Are New To Game-Programming

The thing is, if you want to create serious games with the help of an engine, you more or less need to know how would you code the game without it.

While engine will make the process significantly easier, as a new game developer without any experience and skills you won’t know what you should do in order to make a game. Without basic understanding you won’t know what to code and how to code, even if you had engine.

But if you made your first game, e.g. text RPG in CMD – then you would already know how your code should look to get a basic gameplay in an engine. That’s why I always recommend everyone to make his first game without any library and engine.

Reason 2: You Don’t Know How To Code

A lot of people tried to learn coding but failed many times in a row and then they gave up completely. That’s because they were following tutorials but no one of them knew what kind of program they should make. And if they don’t have a single thing they want to code, then learning programming will be significantly difficult.

However if you had such idea in your mind, then you would constantly think what of the things that you’re currently learning can be useful for your project, like “oh, so these are variables, seems I can use them for storing player’s health”.

Not only that, but if you want to code a game, then you’re much more motivated and disciplined, and the learning process isn’t dull anymore, but fascinating.

Reason 3: You Want To Surpass Everyone

In my opinion game development, design, marketing, and everything that you need to do in order to make a successful indie game are already complex time-consuming tasks. Making the process even harder by not using an engine and coding everything from scratch instead is like digging holes in front of you.

However if you have the time and you believe that you can surpass everyone’s skills, make the game without libraries and engines, and acquire players regardless, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t try.

List Of Best Tutorials

Batch Game 1: WikHow

If you are not ready for coding yet you can always start with Batch tutorial, its a bit simpler than coding, and WikiHow made a great tutorial.

Batch Game 2: Instructables

Another Batch tutorial, this time by Instructables.

Batch Game 3: Owlcation

More detailed tutorial for coding games in Batch by Owlcation.

C# Adventure Game: ProgrammingIsFun

If you want to learn C# while coding adventure game, then check ProgrammingIsFun.

C# RPG: ScottLilly

This (ScottLilly) is really great, detailed, and thorough C# tutorial. Simple role playing games are perfect to learn programming.

C++ Game: LevelSkip

Learn how to code game without libraries and in C++ with this tutorial on LevelSkip.

When I Can Start Using An Engine?

Creating games without any libraries and engines is a hard task, and a quite limiting one. That’s why the majority of tutorials teach how to make a simple text or cmd-based game.

It’s great for learning the basics of coding but after you’ve made your first text RPG in C# or any other preferred language, I’d suggest you to switch to an engine.

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