Hi! My name is Charles Brant, and I am absolute freak when it comes to game design. Whether it comes to writing clean & performant code, creating 3D models, or messing in game engines – I am deeply passionate about all the aspects of making games that, when polished, can attract players.

I am especially interested in indie game marketing (player acquisition and retention), in creating unique, competitive yet climatic gameplays with scent of familiarity and curiosity, and in making networked games (MMOs), as that kind of games always brings the most joy.

But one can’t live only with his hobbies! I work as programmer in small company.

Apart from that, I run regularly, while maintaining proper (I hope) diet. And that’s how my average day is like.

When I was younger I was huge gamer addict. Eventually I got bored with games, so majority of modern day mainstream games doesn’t do it for me. There aren’t many titles that can truly light that fire inside me again! Haha. But I guess that’s where my interest in game development comes from. If you are very picky about games you play, it’s good in some way, because the games you release will be more polished and thought of.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, use the contact page.